The Real Estate Agent’s Dress Code

Representing your client: Your dress also contributes in your client’s reputation.

Attention to detail: Being well groomed demonstrates discipline.

Be ready for anything: Keep alternative shoes in the car and an umbrella.

No yoga pants: The message you are sending to your clients is “I’m so busy, I just ran here from my yoga class”, it shows them that you lack the ability to plan ahead.

No “Casual Look”: Dressing well is a great habit to develop even in construction sites.

No Miniskirts: If you are helping a couple, imagine how you will be perceived by the female client.

No Ripped Jeans: When you are wearing ripped jeans, you are sending a clear message: “I don’t care”, message that can be the kiss of death for your next deal.

No flip flops: Your client does not want to see your toes. Please save them for the beach!

No Graphic T-shirts: What possible phrase will make you look like a professional real estate agent? Not a good look.